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Welcome to Pieszak.com. This is a family website for the Pieszak family (among others). We're glad you came to visit us. Right now we're still in the process adding features and functionality to the site, but we'll keep it moving quickly. In the meantime, we invite you to check out what we do have. Also, please let us know if you have any suggestions for the site. Thanks for stopping by.

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Recent Updates

We know have a news and announcements section. It's a good thing too, we have a lot going on in the family right now. We'll keep the new section flowing smoothly with lots of updates, even minor ones, just so we can all stay up-to-date.    — Go to the News

Thomas Harvey

Thomas Harvey's homepage is now up! At this point, it's just a birth announcement, but Dawn and Andy will be providing all sort of great info so we can keep his homepage updated regularly. Drop by and check the little guy out, he's adorable!    — Go to Thomas' homepage

Connor Pieszak

Connor Pieszak's homepage is now up! There's always something happening in his world, and we already have updates for your nourishment. Stop by his homepage to get the lastest news and see some pics of the not so little guy! Be careful of the glare.    — Go to Connor's homepage

Danielle Pieszak

Danielle Pieszak's homepage is now up! The stay-at-home-mom and photohop student will be providing regular updates and photos on her homepage. Also, she has a neat feature called Pic of the Week, where she'll showcase what she's learning in Photoshop.    — Go to Danielle's homepage





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