My 4 month checkup
By Connor Pieszak — 7/22/2008 7:34pm PST

Well, I just had my four month checkup, and I'm still livin' large! It's weird, because when I was born, I was average size. But, I grew really fast in the first two months, and this latest checkup indicates I'm not stopping! My original doctor said I'm gonna be a football player. As long as they let me have my laptop on the sideline, I'm cool with that. Just in case I need to whip together a website or check on my fantasy football team. Anyway, I digress. So, my newest measurements put me above the 90th percentile in all three categories. That means that I'm bigger than 90% of babies my age!!! I was...
Weight17.27 lbs91st
Length26.25 in92nd
Head44 cm91st

When I go back to Buffalo for Christmas, I'm gonna play with my cousin Joseph. But he's a little guy, so I have to make sure I don't hurt him. Heehehehe.
Formula escapades
By Connor Pieszak — 7/19/2008 6:09pm PST

I think mommy and daddy finally have it correct! In the beginning, I was on regular Enfamil, and I had really painful gas bubbles. I don't like that stuff. Luckily my toots don't stink (that's what Papa Norm says too). Mommy and daddy decided to try the Gentlease. That formula is supposed to help baby's like me, and it made my toots go away! But I still didn't feel very well, so I cried a lot. The search continued.

The next try was Nutramigen. This is what my new doctor calls an "elmental" formula (that means it's already broken down, so I can digest it easier). I felt a lot better, I was really happy. But, my butt hurt (see what I did there?). I pooped a lot, and started getting diaper rash. My tummy felt better, but my doopa felt worse (that's what Gramma Bushcia calls it). My new doctor thought maybe I'd prefer a soy-based formula.

So, finally, I'm now eating Prosobee. This is a lactose-free and sucrose-free formula. I've been on this formula for a couple weeks, and I'm much happier! My tummy and my doopa feel great, and I can't stop smiling. One thing is for sure, I inherited my gastrointestinal system from my Grams!
My new doctor
By Connor Pieszak — 7/15/2008 8:15pm PST

Today I went and met my new doctor, Dr. Gleason, over at the Children's Clinic. They are very nice there, and they provided a lot of information for mommy and daddy. Things like types of foods and feeding techniques, what to do if I have a fever, safety tips, and what developmental milestones to keep an eye on. I like Dr. Gleason, he says a lot of things I don't really understand, but he looks at me when he's talking, and I like that. He makes me smile. Well, everything makes me smile. But he does too.
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