Based in Western New York, most of the Pieszak family remains there today, but we're also in Oregon, Florida, and West Virginia. We're in some additional places (possibly Denmark?), depending on how far down a branch you'd like to go. There is currently an ongoing effort to see just how far across the globe we reach.

We don't limit ourselves to just the Pieszak surname. Others include Harvey, Murphy, Klager, Shively, Barr, Crea, Julian and more. Not to mention all the close friends we've gained along the way that we consider family.

Please see our Values page.

The Pieszak.com website was created as a means to keep in contact regardless of geographic location. By using photos, video, emails and more, we can remain the tight family we have always been. As the site grows, there will be more tools and applications added that will make our lives better.
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