Any community of individuals, be it human or otherwise, has a set of values that maintain balance, unity, and happiness. Our family community is no different. We believe in, remember, and live by our values.

Stagnation is a sin. Above all else in this life, we must have progress. Progress within your own life, and progress for the human community. Devise a plan, pursue it relentlessly, revise it when necessary, and always maintain the wisdom to learn from mistakes.

In everything you do, strive for excellence. Identify the best possible outcome, and then strive for better. This is the inevitable consequence of knowledge and hard work. Without these, you and your contributions will never be excellent.

To be modest, one must be free from conceit. It's from modesty we find tolerence, with tolerance we are more accepting, acceptance leads to an enhanced state of mental calm, and our mental calmness is directly related to our happiness.

To be truthful is to never lie. To be sincere is to never omit the truth. To be frank is to embrace truthfulness. Once honesty is established, trust soon follows, and personal and communal growth are inevitable.